Robert Hart

name Published articles; Fido Friendly and Natural Awakenings print magazine, Professors House, The Pet Professor, Pet Style, Ani-Med, Dog/Cat newsletters.

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Stop and Prevent Cat Diarrhea

09th April 2007
This article discusses why cat diarrhea/vomiting are epidemic, what you can give them to quickly stop routine diarrhea; but better still, how to prevent it. If Dogs are man's best friend, Felines are female's favored friend! Sure men own cats, too, bu... Read >

Probiotics for Cats and Dogs

09th April 2007
Bacterially speaking, it's a mean cruel world. More cats and dogs are on medication then ever before. Why? The short answer is domestication. Breeding wild dogs and cats to accept living with humans is not the problem, domesticating their diet is! To ... Read >